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By Laura Bracken June 13, 2017

ADA website compliance is real.  If you haven’t heard of ADA website compliance before, your small business could be facing big trouble in the very near future.  The Americans with Disabilities Act, known as ADA for short, requires businesses to ensure that all their customers have access to the same services, regardless of their physical limitations.

Accessibility computer icon
Accessibility computer icon

Department of  Justice is getting involved

In a recent Public Relations Society of America meeting, where a representative of one of the local banks spoke, the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) was discussed. Apparently, the bank was contacted by the Department of Justice because its site was not ADA compliant. The goal was to get the site to comply with ADA standards before a case was brought against it. The bank said it took approximately three-to-four months to retrofit the site to meet those guidelines.

Creating ADA Compliant websites

Design Spike has been creating ADA Compliant websites for more than ten years. If you work with the government, it’s possible that your site will need to be either retrofitted or redesigned and reprogrammed. See ( It’s worthy to note that implementing accessibility features does not mean that the layout or appearance of web pages will be changed.

Know the facts

The requirement for ADA Compliant websites is not yet mandatory, but the Department of Justice is starting to focus on “any business that is considered a ‘place of public accommodation’ is required to provide equal access to services under the nondiscrimination requirements of Title III of ADA. … This includes hotels, entertainment venues, legal and accounting firms, retail stores, and virtually every business that is not a private club, including businesses that exist solely on the web.” (

For more information about ADA compliance standards, go to

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