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By Laura Bracken June 14, 2017

ADA website compliance is all about what’s not in the code.  Then, the Department of Justice hits you with a lawsuit.

Compliance Concept on Chalkboard
Compliance Concept on Chalkboard

Lawsuits are going to prevail

In Employer Law Report (, they state that regulations for ADA compliance will be in place by next year and note that the Department of Justice has begun filing or has threatened to file legal action.  In fact, in 2016, more than 240 lawsuits were filed against retail businesses, hospitality services, and financial services.  ( Even Amazon, Target, Apple (iTunes U), eBay, Expedia, H&R Block, Scribd and have come under fire for non-compliant websites.
In a June 13, 2017 article, a Florida Federal Court has ruled that an inaccessible website violates Title III of the ADA. The court found that that grocer Winn-Dixie violated Title III of the ADA by having a website that was not useable by plaintiff Juan Carlos Gil to download coupons, order prescriptions, and find store locations. (  This tread will continue.

Get ahead of possible litigation

In order to get ahead of possible litigation, Design Spike works with companies to make websites ADA compliant.  The first step in the process is to review the site with screen reader software to determine accessibility.  After analyzing the site, a report that discusses what needs to be accomplished to create an ADA site will be provided.  For more information about pricing, please see

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