Writing content for visually-impaired users and ADA compliance

So you just learned about the importance of using the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance guidelines on your website.  You learned that ADA compliant sites help visually-impaired users surf your site and that Google ranks ADA sites higher than non-compliant sites. Now, you are wondering (1) Is my website ADA compliant and (2) how do I ensure that blind or sight-impaired users can “see” my site?

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Implementing a fully-featured website and CMS with Bolt

Bolt is a PHP-based open-source content management system.  It sets itself apart with its modern design philosophy and use of standard PHP libraries.

We recently launched a new site for Vera Water and Power, and we built it with Bolt. I am so happy with how the site turned out, from a UI, content, and design perspective.

In this post, I’ll explain why we chose Bolt, how it helped the site succeed, and why it was so fun to work with.

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Facebook Page Post Strategy

Facebook organic reach for business pages has been plummeting, it’s true. In fact, probably a whole 3 percent of your Facebook followers are seeing your posts. Let’s face it, in the swelling tide of Facebook content, all status posts’ organic reach will be on the decline.

What’s a business Page to do?  Be solution oriented!

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The Importance of Analyitics

Why are your website’s analytics so important?

The goal of any website is to attract visitors and then show them the information they are looking for and that you want them to see. They want access as quickly and easily as possible.

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