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SSL Site Hosting

The Web Is Moving to SSL

Today's users have concerns about the privacy of their activity on the web. They'll love your brand just a little more if they can look up in their address bar and see a green lock symbol ensuring that their connection is secure.

Chrome displaying the SSL security indicator

In 2017 Chrome and Firefox started displaying additional warnings on websites that use insecure connections. We expect these rules to become more strict as SSL transitions into the baseline standard across the web.

Chrome displaying Not Secure indicator for sites that ask for passwords or CC numbers, but don't use SSL

Moving to SSL today ensures that your site will be compliant with the more restrictive set of rules that will inevitably be implemented.

Google also gives a slight boost in rankings to sites that provide SSL connections. Though we can't tell how much weight Google gives to SSL, search engine users are more likely to click links that start with "https://".

Pricing and What's Included

SSL Site Hosting by Design Spike

  • Top-tier hosting platform with our industry leading partner, LiquidWeb, on the premium Cloud Sites infrastructure
  • 5x 25GB email inboxes
  • SHA256 SSL provided by Comodo
  • Free SSL installation and maintenance
  • Monthly scan of your SSL certificate with SSL Labs
  • Monthly check of your homepage for mixed-content errors
  • HSTS browser policy and SSL redirect

$75 / month

That's only $25 more if you already host with us.

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