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Brandon Perdue

Brandon Perdue


Brandon works with clients to provide solutions that transform their business into a leading online player in their respective industries. As a Developer, he is also responsible for making designs sing. And he does. And they do.

Brandon joined the Design Spike in 2008 after graduating from Eastern Washington University where he double majored in Multimedia and Computer Information Systems. By that time, he had already been programming for eight years. He is a major collaborative team player who thinks about the bigger picture and explains possibilities and who manages and focuses on the success of the projects.

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Expert in: PHP, Javascript, and CSS web development; website usability

Hobby: Woodworking, Cooking, and Mixology

Preferred Bartender: Likes to make his own cocktail bitters and liqueurs

“We are happy with the work Design Spike has provided and look forward to continuing our work with them.”

- Abigail (Alpine) Franklin. STIX Diabetes Programs President

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