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Laura Bracken

Laura Bracken

Founder / Principal

Laura is the cheerleader for Design Spike. Since inception, she has been the face of the company and believes that Design Spike delivers the most positive and successful solutions to its clients. She is responsible for company culture and unity.

As the founder and owner of Design Spike, she is responsible for daily operations; oversees proposals, contracts, and customer accounts; and builds relationships and friendships with clients.

Prior to creating Design Spike, Laura started working in web design in 1995 and is self-taught in HTML and CSS. She worked for Egghead in 1997 before the online store moved to Vancouver, Washington, as well as for various small web design and development businesses as a web designer.

Laura has an MA in English from the University of Texas in Arlington, where she taught exposition, literature, argumentation, and a variety of other coursework. She has also developed new curricula for vocational/technical written and oral communications courses using collaborative team methodologies. She continued teaching at colleges in Texas and Washington state. Laura has also written articles, editorials, and technical manuals. She has been published in the Spokesman Review, Journal of Business, Spokane Woman, and Today’s Dallas Woman where she also served as the managing editor.

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Expert in: Learning new trends

Hobby: Sitting quietly

Oddity: Has only nine toes

“Design Spike has the talent we rely on.”

- Bill Burke, Burke Marketing Promotions

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